Water Damage

Prompt Water Damage Restoration

Get Prompt Water Damage Restoration Services for Your Home or Business

Proper diagnosis of a flooded property is essential. Johnny on the Spot utilizes the FLIR thermal camera to help in the restoration process. There's no need to cut holes into your walls looking for damage anymore!

Our 24/7 Water Logging Emergency Service

We'll provide 24-hour emergency service for your home or business and try to quickly restore the damage and perform all cleanup that's needed. We'll also work with your insurance company.
Using the latest restoration systems and procedures like thermal imaging, we ensure that any damage is minimized and mildew or mold damage is avoided in the future.

Have a Water Emergency?

If a flood occurs at your home or business, contact us right away for speedy service and follow these important steps:
  • Stop the source of water if it is safe to do so.
  • Avoid walking on wet carpets due to potential harmful bacteria from sewage.
  • Avoid any contact with water that is deep and may have contacted electrical outlets.
  • Avoid walking beneath affected ceilings as they could drop at any time.
  • Open windows if weather permits.
  • Leave damaged contents in their place until help arrives, unless valuables can be accessed without posing physical danger.

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"We had a sewer backup in our basement,
and our plumber recommended Johnny
on the Spot for the cleanup.
They came out immediately,
at the exact time they promised,
quoted fair pricing, and completed the work in a competent and professional manner. Working with this crew was the bright spot
in an otherwise horrific experience.
I would recommend them to anyone facing
a similar situation."
            Ron Blauet

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