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Exceptional Remodeling and
Cleaning Services Since 1978

Quality Restoration and Remodeling Work for Residential and Commercial Properties

Why settle for mediocre results when there really is an alternative? No other company will deliver the quality and value added service that Johnny on the Spot is known for.
We began in 1978 with little more than a Volkswagen Bug and a portable cleaning machine. Now, after more than thirty years, we have expanded and grown to have loyal and dedicated employees. 

Our service is distinguished by our meticulous approach and technically advanced equipment not offered by our competitors.

Our knowledge and experience will not only meet your needs, but exceed your expectations.
  • IRCRC Certified
  • Michigan Residential Builders License #2102202443
  • Member of the More Floods group
  • An IICRC-Certified company - governing body flood fire
For most companies, traditional carpet cleaning hasn’t changed for more than thirty years. But, we exceptionally continue to be a major contributor to the restoration industry by remaining certified.
Very few cleaning firms have bothered to invest in the best carpet cleaning technology due to the high cost of equipment and the lengthy learning curve required. 

Industry tests, however, have repeatedly demonstrated that the equipment and procedures that are utilized by us are, by far, superior to traditional truck mount steam methods.

All our service vehicles carry a minimum of: 
  • Twelve carpet dryers to enhance the drying process
  • Commercial mats to protect your entry ways and flooring
  • Corner guards to protect walls and woodwork
  • Edge tools to clean along baseboards
  • Carpet groomers to leave carpets uniform appearing, and many other important features 
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